mandag, mai 09, 2005

Nuclear language mess

The Norwegian Environmentalist Fredric Hauge from Bellona is: "Vigorously condemning" the Sellafield leak. Seems he´s spend too much time mingling with bureaucrats, picking up their meaningless manner of speach.
Hauge: It´s bloody freaky, that´s what it is!

And to BBC: Why on earth isn´t this piece of radioactive news on your front page?
And to Bellona: Shouldn´t this be on YOUR front page at least?

And for you all: This might be the best thing that has happened in a long time, because it might prevent Britain from creating a second generation nuclear reactors.

Fredric Hauge: - Jeg reagerer sterkt på hendelsen.
Jeg reagerer sterkt på hendelsen.

Oh really?