mandag, mai 16, 2005

Being one of these ridiculously allergic creatures, I do not have the energy or immune system to appreciate the great whiff of spring. Instead of frantically jumping up and down in joy when I see a tree blossom or the lawn gradually turning green, I cry and wish I had learned from twenty tears (Freudian slip, I meant YEARS) of experience and got lost in April and May, rather than stayed home; why didn´t I visit family up north this time of year; alas! My aunt and my mother reports hail storms, snow and zero degrees Celsius. What joy a good shower of hail would have been! Or, even better, I could venture to some place south where spring has been present for months already.
However, history repeats itself and I never learn. I always endure the Bergen spring, y! AH! Madre mía! Me pongo enferma de….! secretly wishing and believing that next year would be better, always experiencing the opposite. Here is a list of things that have cheered me up in this contemporary allergic and brittle spring existence:

1. Stating the fact that I have 1022 songs on MY I-Pod (I know, welcome after. Better late than never is my response).

2. Realising that the remedy Active Defence infuses some energy into my hay fevered body.

3. Day dreaming about a lavish 30th birthday at X—mas. A flamboyant event, which requires a budget light years from ours.

4. Realising that it isn´t some record, but my boyfriend that produces the soothing guitar music.

5. Me breaking out in what I like to call: contemporary song, and then falling asleep, exhausted.

6. Reading again. Rediscovering the joy of reading just for the heck of it.

7. Enjoying John Erik Riley´s San Fransisco like a perfect cup of tea.

8. Drowsing in bed, dreaming of being given the task of writing one of these Guides and trying to decide on the city I´d like to write about. Boston or Seattle, eventhough I haven´t been either places. BUT I´D LIKE TO! Maybe San Josè or Buenos Aires, HOWEVER, definitely not Tegucigalpa. Or something German, since I love the German language too. Cardiff is too provincial. Birmingham? Do not think so. A week was enough, I guess. Manchester? I know, COPENHAGEN! WHY GO FAR AWAY, WHEN YOU CAN VISIT YOUR BROTHER? ZZZZ; falling asleep again.

9. Realising that the manuscript I´m frantically working on now, isn´t too bad.

10. Having the epiphany that I´m living with editor material. Martin, you´re an awesome, I repeat awesome reader!

11. feeling slightly better and getting all worked up by the thought of wearing my (blue coloured) national costume (minus the hat tomorrow. The celebration of our national day is rather silly, but all the same fun in an innocent and childish way. And above all, I feel sexy wearing my national costume.


Anonymous the allseeing eyes said...

we hope you'll survive ... looking forward to seeing you in bunad tomorrow ...

12:06 a.m.  
Blogger Susanne said...

I feel sexy wearing my national costume: Well, if I was born in Zululand I would probably feel the same -- :)

9:22 a.m.  
Blogger MGL said...

I feel sexy in my national costume, too. But often cold.

10:12 a.m.  
Anonymous Nebbhøna said...

vai du ju hævv tu rait inglisj?

10:48 p.m.  
Anonymous Herbert R. Britton said...

Du har min dypeste sympati. Selv lider jeg ikke av noen allergi, bortsett fra en sporadisk (tilbakevennende) allergi mot å bruke mitt eget navn.

7:37 p.m.  
Blogger protoshed said...

found you via kathryntomlinson blog. sellafield huh? good ol' uk.

allergies. i used to have a mess of allergies with lousy breathing and the suggested hope that i would grow out of it, that it would be a juvenile phase. it wasn't. however, i write to mention hope; in moving away from the horrid smoke filled air around my parents, and in giving care to my diet, i no longer wheeze (troubled breathing) unless I have spent too much time in smoke or car fume laden air, that, or, I have been ingesting the wrong preservatives: all the ones found in many fizzy drinks and diluteable fruit concentrate drinks, which can also be found in many other foods. look out for sodium and potassium metabisulphate and metabisulphite, sodium benzoate and the like, sulohur dioxide in red wine, I also avoid artificial sweeteners. it is a no brainer, and you probably have a great fresh food diet, but i hope this info may help you as it has helped me. i only need my ventolin inhaler perhaps twice per year now, once during a chest infection and once during the worst polluted days. hope you find a solution. I look at the possibility of allergies responding to some kind of allergen threshold, which if managed carefully, allows the intake of a little of the harmful stuff, like red wine with preservatives, though your allergies may be totally unrelated to mine :)

3:01 a.m.  
Blogger Ragnfrid Trohaug said...

Thanks for the concern and advices! The irony is that my allergy is highly connected to nature and blossoming, especially of birch. I grew up in a rural area, surrounded by fjord, woods and mountains, but was heavily sick during springtime, due to the explosive blossoming. That´s the problem living in the arctic region (especially north of the arctic circle, but also here below): It is not a gradual process, spring happens; BAM! In a day or two, invading ones immune system. My parents wouldn´t let me have artificial sweetened things like diet sodas, or florecent candies, which has made it natural for me to avoid those things. However, I´m very grateful that you mentioned sodium, potassium metabisulphate and metabisulphite, sodium benzoate and sulohur dioxide in red wine. I haven´t conciously avoided them, just accidentally by not liking diluted fruit drinks etc. I´ll watch out for them. Thanks!

1:12 p.m.  

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