mandag, mars 21, 2005

Happy Easter! God påske! Glad påsk!

I´m trying to ignore the brilliant weather outside, convincing myself that I never have skied and never wanted to, which means I have to force myself to not remember one of my first childhood memories, namely me on my red wooden crosscountry skies. It is said that I started skiing the moment I started toddling around. I´m sure it is all parental bragging, but it does not eliminate the fact that I´ve never been against family gatherings and otherwise that involve skiing.

Mother: - You´re a blessing. Whilst it takes half a day to get your brothers organised and motivated for skiing, you´re out the door just like that.

I can reveal to the public that my mother and I used to ski a lot, just the two of us. And for those of you who have followed the Norwegian grammar discussion that went on last week (there was one in English as well a while ago) I can inform you that not only did we ski, but we skied while my mother really infused those German cases into my head.

That´s the beauty about growing up above the Arctic circle, you start skiing on your doorstep, concurrently elevating one´s level og grammatical understanding. Skiing hardly ever meant getting into the car, except for when I did down hill skiing with the neighbours or my cousins, and of course easter time. day trips to the ski terrain of Valnesfjorden. This is nature I was surrounded by whilst growing up, and what it looks like in the summer time, hiked by a foreigner.

However, I am at home in Bergen, not too far from snowy mountains; but having spent the past two weeks on the road as a literary missionary in the shools, leaves me no time for playing outside. I´ll be writing my hands off, trying to meet my deadlines and to please both my publisher and myself.

Wish me good luck, as I´ll be off line and writing during the next week or so. I wish you happy easter.