mandag, februar 14, 2005

Gegen die Wand/ Against the wall/ mot veggen

I know I´m kind of slow, when it comes to movies and discovering them before everyone else does. However, we managed to go to the movies yesterday, to see a film I have been planning to see all along, and most my friends have already seen and cherished (so, that´s part of the reason why I have been reluctant, I wanted to discover it on my own, like Roald Amundsen and the South Pole). Hence, I know that my outburst isn´t original, you´ve probably seen it already and can say: - Of course I know, I´ve known for a long time. But I´ll say it anyway: The German/Turkish film Gegen die Wandis fantastic! Do not read too much about it, just go ahead and watch it. It is on until the 17th this month in Bergen. It is a cross-cultural film, that doesn´t boast its double culture character, it just is both German and Turkish. Furthermore, it was such a relief to watch a film where they spoke German a lot of the time. Unlike many, I love the German language, it is refined in a way people seem to ignore, in their eagerness to dismiss everything that is German. Run to the theatre. Gegen die Wand is what you should see this month.


Blogger HPL said...

Jeg gleder meg til å se den, men regner med at det tar en stund før den kommer til Flekkefjord. Hvis den kommer hit i det hele tatt, da.

Oppdaget til min store overraskelse at jeg har en tidligere film av samme regissør blant DVD'ene mine; "Im Juli", en ekstremt sjarmerende roadmovie og (tør jeg si det høyt?) romantisk komedie.

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