mandag, januar 10, 2005

Wales, Robert Frank and the feeling of being home

I feel the opposite one of my top ten fictitious characters, namely Alexander in "Alexander and the terrible, horrible no good, very bad day" right now. I am ready for a week of intense editing work, concurrently trying to bring my next writing project further, and all this due to a fantastic weekend with quality people. For a moment I forgot to rush, stress and only look ahead. I rested and dwelled in the laughter, endless conversations, elaborate food and drinks which reminded me of George´s magical medicine more than anything. A sense of community and joint effort, a feeling of being safe and challenged at the same time. Therefore my thoughts went on to Wales. Igor Prhytyrec, Boarding school, late nights, brain twisters and Robert Frank´s photo series from Glamorgan, my part of Wales . I realised I´m at home now, due to living with Martin and the life we are inventing together; at home in a way that I haven´t been for years, really. In a Wales-kind-of-way.