søndag, januar 02, 2005

New blogs, Kathryn has started one of her own!

I just realised that my good friend Kathryn, whom I bonded with back in the days at Atlantic College sweating over the German assignments given by Fraulein Shüler, has started blogging. I have thought a lot about her lately, since she´s off to Indonesia to work for the Peace Brigades International. Now with the Tsunami incident (calling it an incident seems like an insult, an eufemism), the prospect of having her over in Indonesia seems a bit more nerve wrecking than I´d want. However, I´m awfully proud of her going, and I hope that the British insurance companies come to their senses; right now it seems like it is impossible to obtain an insurance for people going to Indonesia, and that´s regardless of where you go. Like Kathryn correctly points out: - that that is like telling an Indonesian that they will not be insured to go to France because there is a war in Iraq (on the basis that the distance from one end of Indonesia to the other is the same as from London to Baghdad).
Check her blog out. She´s one of the sharpest brains I´ve ever met, and I feel priveliged to have had her in my life during ups and downs, teen-tantrums and prospering adult life. It´s always thrilling to met up, and I´m sad that I have to spend the weekend of her Farewell party sweating over editorial work, instead of shaking loose in London. Go Kathryn!