tirsdag, januar 11, 2005

Heimat, Kivijarvi, Johansen and nynorsk

I´ve always considered Heimweh and the strict definition of Heimat to be irrelevant for my life and being, since I see myself built up by components that are from various places, contexts, languages and relations. The above is a conceited utterance, I might as well say: - Oh, I´m such a polyglot, I´m so darn global, complex and adaptable. That´s of course uninteresting bullshit and nonsense, and furthermore not my point, however: I recently had to think through this again, when I for the millionth time was asked the question: - Why do you write nynorsk, when you grew up writing bokmål? Do you feel nynorsk? (for those who don´t belong to a Norwegian or Nordic context, Norway has two separate, but very similar official written languages. The one version (and the most widespread one) is bokmål that derives from written Danish, due to historical and political reasons, the other one, nynorsk, is based on local dialects in Norway, and mainly those on the Western coast of Nor way). It struck me that some identities seem stable, or are broadcasted as such at least, and nynorsk is one of these. The famous Norwegians play write Jon Fosse says, that if his nynorsk is taken away, he´d be unable to speak; identity fixed to language, which again is connected geography and topography. You wouldn´t have to choose, the language has been chosen for you (Me: - should I write this in nynorsk or bokmål? What will serve the topic and the cause? Living with a Dane screws things up even more, but that´s a different story). Back to my opening thought: does Heimat have to be a single place, stone, and biological bonds? Of course not, is the answer in this day and age, where migration, immigration and emigration are common. However, it is always this underlying understanding of that there is a core of something. An origin, a starting point.People ask: - Were you home for x-mas? And I answer: - Yes, they reply: - Nice, when did you get back? When I reveal that I have been here, Bergen, home for the holidays, home is here where I live, they look at me like: - Don´t try to make yourself interesting, home for you is really up North, why be in denial? This made me think of the photos taken by Kåre Kivijärvi and Rune Johansen, who both come/ came(Kvijärvi passed away in –91 I think) from the Northern part of Norway like me. I stare and stare at the pictures, and know that they have something to do with me. It just isn´t the whole story.