onsdag, desember 29, 2004

The deluge

The tsunami in SEA is indeed an European matter also, due to the fact that the countries hit by the giant wave are popular tourist destination. The disasterous Bam was hardly mentioned amongst people last year; it seemed far away and irrelevant somehow. This is different: everyone knows someone who´s either in the area and safe, or in the area and missing. It makes me sick to the stomach, that closeness and personal relation influences the level of involvement.
Right now we hope that people we know reach Bankok safely and get on a flight, scheduled or not. We weren´t planning on buying fireworks for New Years anyhow, and had already given our contribution to NGOs targeting the area, but we still encourage (like people all around the country do via text-messages an e-mails) people to skip the ostentatoius display of wealth fireworks really are, and spend the money on aid for the area instead. Martin has been thorough and posted information on where to donate and how, so check out Martin´s post on Tsunami details and get giving!