fredag, oktober 08, 2004

Social democracy and international fun

So, there's the week teaching the art studens gone. I feel lucky having the international students, because they tend to discuss and participate a lot more. We have pondered about this: What is a good question? What is an answer?

Feel that my spirit has been lifted, eventhough it is a stressful time in general now.
I'm off to move my stuff from my old apartement (the new owners are moving in next week, and Martin and I temporarily live in a studio flat, whose owner will be back before we can say rhino, as my brother always says) to a not yet sorted storage place. I love the social democracy to bits, and I actually almost choaked on my coffee the other day when the news presented the conservative government's suggestion for next year's budget, outragously provocing, and as I said, I love the social democracy and hate seeing it fall apart, but: Why does a storage place close at three? K. Lien, can you tell me that? K. Lien is this infamous famous old man, who stores things for people, but he evidently does not store mine. I do not know what to do. Storage places should be open late into the evening. So people can store their things.

Being between houses pains.