søndag, oktober 31, 2004

Relentlessly translating

We are leaving the building, Martin and I. These past days have been spent sweating over the computers, translating texts for the art duo Bull.Miletic. It is time for time out. Dishes, elevated legs, the humming of the radio, perpetual sighs of delight. I haven't had a single day off in more than a month, this is getting ridiculous. Go for a walk! The weather smells of autumn and cold kisses.


Blogger alskander said...

i am brazilian; and following the 'next blog', here i come; i just dad nothing more to say or think after reading einstein's relativity and quantum reality: "Quantum mechanics ‘represents a bizarre new form of energy density that remains Constant even as the universe expands and whose GRAVITY IS REPULSIVE RATHER THAN ATTRACTIVE."; so, after all, nothing to say inside my head; even writing a short story became, for an instance, useless... and a second after i came to my senses; i will follow the next blog... just to talk as it was right by my side....www.nacosdaimagem.blogspot.com

10:52 p.m.  

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