lørdag, oktober 16, 2004


Intense consentration, sinlge-mindedness and focus all have a special effect on me: It is as if all senses wake up, are intensified and make me even more sensitive to the world. My gaze becomes even less automatic;
it might just be the time of year;
or the work load;
or being a priviliged homeless;
or just

Feeling all alive and vulnerable, I walked through town this morning, and lines from of the poet Symborska kept poping up in my mind.
Waking the feeling of discovering poems I once didn't know existed,
reliving th careful cutting of the pages in the Swedish edition,
thinking of Some like poetry
and a random German translation I came across,
thinking that it ought to be in Swedish
Swedish is the right language for these poems;
knowing that it's not at all, Swedish is just another crutch,
the Polish feel will never reveal itself to me.
"The object is always what it is- and something else"
Poems and translations.