torsdag, oktober 07, 2004

Art crap

My head is spinning from hours and hours of talking about art crap. I'm teaching this writing workshop for English MA-students at the Art Academy in Bergen, and man! we have fun.

The first session of the day was dedicated to the field of art crap. Coming from the outside, art crap is easy to spot, but if you're socialised into the discourse of art crap, you need an eye opener to see how much bullshit that is produced, when people talk about their work. So I did eye opening work today.

The point is: When artists write about their work, they strive to be clear, but in the process of pleasing the congregation, clearness evaporates like water in thin air. However, Albert, Angelica, Ana Rita, Veronica and Pål were brilliant in their search for art crap, and their pastiches were outstanding.We ended up calling it: THIS THING OF NOTHINGNESS". Here are some of the words they defined as art crap: transgression, negative space, counter-culture, gravity and grace, dynamic and so on. Good work guys! I like working with you. Teaching is fun, and especially because one realises that the knowledge one has really is something that not everybody knows. it seems like an obvious thing to say, but this is a fact that I rediscover every day.

Adittionally it is fun to teach keenies, and to finally speak English every day again. It's a pity that all of my English speaking friends are elsewhere. I might need to make new ones. Martin refuses to speak English at home, eventhough we both have done the fabulous IB-programme back in the days.